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A tapestry of cultural fusion unfolds with the essence of Indian and Moroccan motifs, intertwined like stories of distant lands. The whimsical polka dots add a playful rhythm, while paired alongside cotton-dyed pants, exuding simplicity, and a printed khaddar dupatta, it's an ensemble where threads of tradition and contemporary grace weave a symphony of style. 

Component Details  Measurement
Garment Detail 3 Piece
Digital Printed Front On Linen 1.15 Meter 
Digital Printed Back On Linen 1.15 Meter 
Digital Printed Sleeves On Linen 0.65 Meters
Embroidered Neck On Organza   
Printed Khaddar Dupatta 2.5 Meters
Dyed Cotton Pants 2.5 Meters


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