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PKR 100,000

Translating calming whispers of the radiant summer sky on a powder blue surface


PKR 152,500

The alluring elegance of modern femininity and joyful hue of Lavender accentuates dreamy aesthetics.


PKR 164,500

Sumptuous botanical layout provides the base for a romantic symphony of cutwork and pearl enhanced 3D flowers


PKR 136,000

Rhythmic threads weave a soulful symphony of contemporary couture


PKR 153,500

Tranquility of nature redefined in this empyrean silhouette set against a pistachio green canvas


PKR 67,000

Threads entwine in graceful motion to create an eloquent ivory composition

Orange Cut Work (P-290)

PKR 170,465

Dazzle in a striking tone of tangerine rendered with cutwork and burnout subtleties.

Green Cut Work (P-291)

PKR 153,500

Redefining nature in this stunning silhouette cast on a blissful emerald hue.

Blue Cut Work (P-292)

PKR 100,000

Sway to the tunes of mystical nights in a midnight blue statement silhouette.

Pink Cut Work (P-293)

PKR 150,500

Allow modern femininity to flow in this vivacious pink ensemble, enhanced with layers of pearls.

Yellow Cut Work (P-294)

PKR 152,500

Dreaming of santorini sunsets wrapped in a tuscan canvas.