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PKR 381,000

Empyrean vision conceptualised with artfully pleated endless swirls, sparkling jewels, 3D leaves and tantalising filigree.


PKR 358,500

A cascading stream of artistry and intricacy accentuated through a blend of cutwork laces and embroidered precious ornaments, presenting a contemporary take on a timeless classic.


PKR 272,500

A mystical rendezvous captured in the hue of moonlight, glimmering with a landscape of fabricated flowers and lustrous stones.

Mint Green (P-301)

PKR 501,500

Radiate like the moon that ushers in the sleepy starlit skies in this gleaming ocean of handcrafted pearls, crystals and swarovski featured on an opulent silhouette.


PKR 480,000

Volumes of elegance collide with SS meticulous craftsmanship and precision to redefine new age couture


PKR 229,500

A blissful synergy of mint green and silver accentuated on a cutwork canvas ladened with swarovski and winsome sequin to enhance this conventional silhouette.


PKR 544,500

Reflecting the flow of a glimmering river is this exquisitely sequined lehenga. Paired with a handworked blouse and a concept dupatta featuring picturesque embellishments for iridescent appeal and grace.


PKR 280,000

Sumptuous silk provides the base for a modern symphony of cutwork and bouquet of sequin & 3D flowers to grow.


PKR 465,500

Amplified artistry and waves of elegance coincide with modern glamour.


PKR 308,000

Elaborate artisanship and glimmering embellished inclusions on a contemporized contoured ensemble.


PKR 501,500

Moments of modern glamour meet perpetual elegance in this expertly handcrafted scintillating beauty ornamented with delicate pearls and crystals