Eligibility Criteria: You have make a purchase PKR 30,000 or more at one time in order to qualify for this program.

As a loyal member, the customer will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Get 20% off on all stitched items in our stores on your birthday.
  2. Receive 20% points on all stitched items and accessories you purchase in our stores on your birthday
  3. Receive 10% points on the purchase of stitched items and accessories.
  4. Receive 4% points on purchase of unstitched items.
  5. 1 point = 1 PKR. Points can be used as money in Sana Safinaz stores around Pakistan.
  6. Receive a gift card worth PKR 5,000/- on collection of 25,000 points.
  7. Receive regular updates through email and text


  1. 1 point = 1 PKR.
  2. Points will be calculated on 10 % and 4% of total transaction value for stitched and unstitched items respectively.
  3. At the time of purchase, if a customer buys stitched and unstitched, then the percentage of points should be according to the amount purchased for each category.
  4. At the time of redemption, if a customer has bought stitched and unstitched together, and has paid for the transaction partly in points and cash, then the % of points earned on the spent cash would be based on the lowest percentage i.e. 4% in this case.
  5. If the value of transaction is RS 50,000, points pick up against that would be 5000 (stitched items) and 2000 (unstitched items)
  6. Points cannot be redeemed on the same day, due to addition of new ones. Only previous points if enough can be redeemed.
  7. If no item in store allows you to redeem your points, you will have to wait till you have enough points to match item value.
  8. Loyalty card cannot be purchased.
  9. Points cannot be redeemed during sale/promotion period.
  10. No points will be added on sale/promotion items, unless specified.
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