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PKR 216,500

A symphony of light and texture, where the shimmering allure of crystals and pearls create a rich tapestry of modern elegance


PKR 170,000

The modernist design highlights a juxtaposition of geometric textures and dazzling accents.


PKR 643,500

A constellation of gleaming pearls and sterling crystals flows like a river, creating a spellbinding effect with every movement.


PKR 113,500

An ethereal trail of glittering sequins cascade down the contemporary silhouette like a waterfall.


PKR 294,000

New age couture reverberates in the gleaming steams of sequins for an infinite tale of magnificence.


PKR 566,500

Enchanting allure of glittering jewels rendered with precision on an ivory canvas.


PKR 232,000

The infusion of pearls and sequins into a modern composition produces a symphony of empyrean charm.


PKR 221,500

Alluring vision of luminous jewels on a contemporized contoured silhouette.


PKR 670,000

Illustrious details on a fuchsia silhouette reflecting a profound appreciation for timeless traditions.


PKR 294,000

A geometrical silhouette accentuated with luminous details create a dynamic effect.


PKR 297,000

Poetic amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary vision yields a narrative that transcends time.


PKR 350,000

The pinnacle of haute couture creates an unparalleled aesthetic of grandeur.